Welcome to Color Science Inc.

Since 1989 Color Science Inc., has manufactured and engineered custom dry colorants to match the color and performance needs for many diverse applications. We can produce the highest quality colors in concentrate powder, pre-color and masterbatch resins for medical, aerospace, fluid handling, automotive and other plastic industries. Whether it’s by the bag, gaylord or truck we can help engineer and produce the right color with the right specifications rapidly to meet the tightest schedules.

Color Science offers color selector and color matching via our in house laboratory and quick accurate sampling for testing with color match chips. We can provide creative designs and formulations for new products or look back and provide failure analysis and reverse engineer for better performance and enhanced specifications. Whether its UV protection or additives of minerals, corn starch, ceramic powers, or our complete line of fiber additives from wood fiber, glass fiber, carbon fiber, even stainless steel fiber we have the experience that can exceed your expectations.

Specializing in Engineering Thermoplastic Materials as well as Commodities and Elastomers Color Science can also provide Custom Color Formulation and Pre-Colored materials to meet FDA and RoHS standards. As well as Color Concentrates, Masterbatch and Dry Color we also provide fiber reinforced plastics for impact modification, heat & UV stabilization, lubrication, insulation, anti-static or conductive or EMI/RFI shielding, and flame retardation.