We're more than just compounding.

Welcome to Modified Plastics
EST. 1976 in Santa Ana, California

Quality through Service and Integrity

A 47-year tradition built on a reputation for developing the best custom compounded and engineered polymers.

Meet Our Team

We're more than just a business. We're real people. We invite you to meet our leadership and support team and understand why we're committed to ensuring consistency and accuracy in all compounds we generate.

Meet Our Team

History & Experience

Over the years Modified Plastics has specialized in fortifying engineering materials, partnering with major distributors and providing quick turnaround times on projects large and small.

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Reputation & Experience

Our Document Control department provides Certifications of Analysis, Material Safety Data Sheets, and associated documentation for FDA, and REACH. Modified Plastics is committed to ensuring consistency and accuracy in all compounds we generate.

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Quality Assurance

Modified Plastics commitment to Quality and innovation is thriving through our subsidiary, Plastics Analytical Laboratory (PAL), is our on-site Quality and Technical department. Our quality standards are executed through a systems approach, focusing on the customer and driven by excellence.

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Our Network

Modified Plastics Inc.

Modified Plastics, Inc. uses over 40 years of experience in developing custom compounded and engineering polymers. Modified Plastics meets the most stringent specifications while using high quality materials.

Plastics Analytical Laboratory

The Plastics Analytical Laboratory was created by a group of individuals with the idea of making this industry better. Using our network as a team, we have remained true to the business and our personal lives. Please check out the links below, and check back as we are always looking to expand.

Color Science Inc.

Since 1989 Color Science Inc., has manufactured and engineered custom dry colorants to match the color and performance needs for many diverse applications. We can produce the highest quality colors in concentrate powder, pre-color and masterbatch resins for medical, aerospace, fluid handling, automotive and other plastic industries.